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With the 2020 pandemic and the Corona virus, live and performance music essentially came to a stop.  That was something none of us had ever contemplated or planned for, and let's face it, what is a world without live music?  We are determined to keep musicians playing music without risking their safety or the safety of others. We have recorded several "at home" videos to keep music alive, all done to professional audio standards, and filmed with smartphones and cameras. We hope you enjoy the results!

Recorded in September and October, 2020 The Country Store brings Billy Troy to the stage to  remake the1952 Flatt & Scruggs Classics, I'll Go Stepping Too and Someone Took My Place With You, featuring fiddler Ray Legere in the style of the legendary Benny Martin. Despite how it appears, these videos were filmed and recorded separately in each participant's home studio and with their personal cameras (or smartphones). It's how we have to do it right now, but the music still lives on.

Someone Took My Place With You - The Country Store
(l-r Ray Legere, Chris Sharp)

Recorded in August, 2020.  Bobby Osborne sings I Can't Stop Loving You.

He may be 88 years old, but the legendary Bobby Osborne (The Osborne Brothers) proves he can still sing in a style and a range others can only imitate. In this COVID-19 "at home" video, Bobby tackles the Don Gibson classic, "I Can't Stop Loving You." Joining in on the fun are key longtime Osborne Brothers band members Ronnie Reno and Glen Duncan. Enjoy!

Recorded in September and October, 2020 The Country Store brings Billy Troy to the stage to a remake of the classic 1952 Flatt & Scruggs Classic, I'll Go Stepping Too.  Also featuring fiddler Ray Legere.

Recorded in July 2020 - The Country Store features a remake of the 1951 Flatt & Scruggs Classic, My Darling's Last Goodbye.

FEATURING: Hugh Moore - Banjo & Vocals, Chris Sharp Guitar, Ray Legere Fiddle, Sachie Sharp - Bass, Joseph Terrell - Mandolin.

Here is a video from April 2020 featuring two OMS Records Recording Artists, Bobby Osborne and Billy Troy.  This was done, as implied, in remote locations during the "Stay at Home" portion of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Billy Troy, Bobby Osborne, Hugh Moore, Bobby Osborne, Jr., Allyn Love, Ray Legere.

APRIL 2020

Recorded in May 2020, this second COVID-19 session with audio from OMS Records' Camp Adventure Studio.   Featuring MIPSO lead singer Joseph Terrell, along with Patrick Terrell, Hugh Moore, Dan Mahoney, and John Fussell.

MAY 2020

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