Doyle Holly


Featuring Buck Owens and the Buckaroos!

In the 1960's Buck Owens and the Buckaroos were hitting their stride as the best country band, and probably the best band period, in the USA. The "freight-train" Bakersfield sound they created was becoming more and more natural, and the fluency with which they applied it to their songs grew more and more exciting. "Together Again" is a 21st century tribute to the music of Buck Owens by longtime "Buckaroo" Doyle Holly.
Joining Doyle are Tom Brumley (Pedal Steel) and Willie Cantu (Drums), two other Buckaroos that joined Buck on the exciting journey to the top. Also featured is the presence and support of Buck Owens himself. This music is lovingly dedicated to Buck, and to the late Don Rich, Buck's musical partner and Buckaroos guitarist who died in a tragic motorcycle accident in 1974.
The late Johnny Russell, another OMS Records artist, conceived of this recording and got everyone started on the project. As the author of "Act Naturally," Johnny had personally been affected by Buck's success when Buck recorded the song and later introduced it to the Beatles. Johnny wanted to do something to honor the music that he saw as tremendously important to the development of country music.
As a Buckaroo Doyle recorded his own singles, among them "Cinderella", "Woman Truck Drivin' Fool", "Gatherin' Dust" and "I'll Be Alright Tomorrow". He was featured on the Buckaroo and Buck Owens' albums, and the syndicated Buck Owens Ranch Show, and received the Bass Player of the Year award from the Academy of Country and Western Music in 1970.
In 1971 Doyle left the Buckaroos to go out on his own, moved to Nashville, and formed his own band, called the Vanishing Breed. Doyle had become a protégé of Buck Owens and when he launched his own solo career it looked like he might emerge as a major solo star. He hit the Country charts at the end of 1972 with his version of "My Heart Cries for You" and later with his most famous song, "Queen of the Silver Dollar."
Although his two releases for Barnaby Records were both top twenty releases, Doyle tired of the road and retired from regular recording and touring. To recognize his many outstanding contributions to country music, Doyle Holly was honored with a block in the "Walkway of Stars" at the Hall of Fame in Nashville. The dedication ceremony took place during the 1980 Fan Fair.
This record is a reflection of Doyle's love for the music of Buck Owens, and with the help of Buck and the other members of the legendary group, this is a moment in history. Doyle Holly's "Together Again" is a "celebration" of some of the grandest music ever made in country music.

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